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Key Information Document (PAYE)

Key Information Document ‒ PAYE

Version: 5G-V20.1 (Jun 2020)


This document sets out key information about your relationship as a work-seeker with us, as an employment business, including details about pay, holiday entitlement and other benefits.

The Employment Agency Standards (EAS) Inspectorate is the government authority responsible for the enforcement of certain agency worker rights. You can raise a concern with them directly on 020 7215 5000 or through the ACAS helpline on 0300 123 1100, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.


General Information


Your name:


Name of employment business:

Complex Recruitment LTD 10980984 of Unit 1 Georgiou Business Park, Second Avenue, London, N18 2PG

Type of contract you will be engaged under:

Contract of service

Who will be responsible for paying you (if different from your employer):

Complex Recruitment LTD

How often you will be paid:

Every Friday a week in arrears

Expected or minimum rate of pay:


Deductions from your pay required by law:

PAYE tax, employee national insurance contributions will be deducted from your wages. After three months engagement, we are also required to deduct pension contributions. We may also be instructed to deduct any County Court Judgements made against you.

The deduction required by law is 20% for income above £240 per week or £1,042 per month or £12,500 per year for income tax and for NI is 12% above £120 per week or £520 per month or £6,240 per year 


Any other deductions or costs from your pay (to include amounts or how they are calculated):

Criminal Record Checks

Overpayments of wages or salary advances


Any fees for goods or services:

No fees are charged for any goods or services provided to you

·        Holiday entitlement and pay:

You are entitled to 5.6 weeks annual holiday accrued in proportion to the hours that you work. If you work at one company for more than 12 weeks, you might be entitled to additional holiday entitlement to match their directly employed workers. Your Worker Assignment Schedules provide these details.

Holiday pay:

Payment for your holidays will be made at the average rate of pay you have earned over the 52 weeks prior to your holiday. Your average rate will include all the hours you worked, including overtime.


Additional benefits:



Representative example of your pay 2020/21 Tax Year


This is an example only and is based on a 40-hour week @NMW on a standard tax code. Actual amounts will vary dependant on hours worked.


Example pay rate:


£8.91 x 40 hours = £356.40

Deductions from your wage required by law:

Income Tax =£23.17

National Insurance = £20.84

Total deductions = £44.01

Any other deductions or costs from your wage:


Any fees for goods or services:



Example net take home pay:





Leave this empty:

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