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Self-Billing Agreement (LTD)

Self-Billing Agreement (LTD)

This is an agreement to a self-billing procedure between Complex Recruitment LTD VAT # GB 336283986



Candidate LTD Company Name                                                                        Candidate LTD VAT Number


The self-biller (Complex Recruitment LTD) agrees:


  1. To issue self-billing invoices for all supplies made to them by (the supplier) for 12 months from
  2. To complete self-billed invoices showing the suppliers name, address and VAT registration number (if applicable), together with all the other details which constitute a full VAT
  3. To make new self-billing agreement if their VAT registration
  4. To inform the supplier if the self-billed invoices will be outsourced at a third


The self-billed (Candidate LTD Company) agrees:


  1. To accept invoices raised by the self-biller on their behalf until (insert either the end date being 12 months from today or the date your contract ends).
  2. Not to raise a sales invoice for the transactions covered by this
  3. To provide Company Registration Certificate and VAT Certificate
  4. To notify the Complex Recruitment LTD immediately if they:
  5. Change their
  6. Cease to be VAT
  7. Sell their business, or part of their


Self-Biller - Complex Recruitment LTD


Leona Hart

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Self-Billed – Candidate LTD Company


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Signed by Leona Hart
Signed On: April 21, 2021

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